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We have google, yahoo, mapquest, and countless searches to find countless answers. But I must admit that google has failed me numerous times. Every time I've searched for the "love of my life" it gives me Freddy Mercury singing on YouTube. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button sometimes leaves me quite bitter.

But now, you can ask a question and get an answer from a PERSON! It's like 411 for all 411s in the world - and you get a real guide. It's called ChaCha. You can either text CHACHA (242242) or call 1 800 2CHACHA. Let me tell you, ChaCha is pure gold and it's free.

So, being textually active, I'm urged to try this out; I shoot a few questions over like is there more caffeine in tea or coffee, or how can I get a job as a full-time blogger and other random inquiries. I then decided to put ChaCha through a real test. Here's our little chat log:

Charlotte: Dear ChaCha, what flavor is the white/clear gummi bear supposed to be?
ChaCha: It's supposed to be Pineapple. ChaCha on!

Charlotte: Are you sure? Someone told me it was grape?
ChaCha: Trolli white Gummi bears are Pineapple. ChaCha.

Charlotte: Thanks. I love u. Why is your name ChaCha?
ChaCha: To "Cha" in Chinese means to search, aand ChaCha is a fast pace dance. Thus, ChaCha is a fast-paced search!

I was a bit surprised when ChaCha said the flavor was Pineapple... Here's some backstory for you: some ten-odd years ago, I was on a quest for answers to life's questions. One of them was - what flavor is the clear Gummi Bear? They're my favorite flavor and I needed to know the answer. Keep in mind, I was in college and had plenty of time to procrastinate. So I called the 800 number on the back of the candy bag, got connected to a nice lady on the other line and I then dropped the question.

She put me on hold for a few seconds and comes back to say "They're Grape." I know - you're thinking - wait, aren't grapes purple? She clarified that Black Forest Candy was British, so they're referring to the green/white grapes when they concocted that flavor/color. "Ah, I see, Thank you very much..." Life was much more clear after that.

So, in this case, ChaCha was right (Trolli clear bears are pineapple) and so was I.

A few hours later, I asked my favorite question.
Charlotte: ChaCha, where is the love of my life?
ChaCha: Probably where you least expect them! Thanks for using ChaCha!

Ha! See if you can google an answer like that!

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