Apologies for the Past and a Letter to the Future

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My dear readers,
I humbly apologize and regret not posting my usual weekly entries into the Fernandez Notebooks...

Who am I kidding? I don't regret things I do or don't do. September was a tortuous month, and I've spent the last couple of months recovering from the swift ass-kicking life has sent my way.

However, last June, I somehow decided to write myself a letter and send it to the future. Well, actually, I went to futureme.org and sent myself an email to be delivered five months later. It was a very strange experience, but the end result was delightful.

Imagine, writing to yourself anywhere from 3 months to 10 years into the future. What the hell would you say? Would you do a cheesy snapshot of your life or send hopeful wishes? The speculation could go on... So, 'x' amount of days, months, or years, from now, you'll receive a letter from someone who can't know you any better. Yet, since the time of authoring the little message, you've either completely changed or are completely the same. I'm a Gemini, so you can figure I'm a bit of both.

Along with being pleasantly surprised the morning of November 3, 2008, I did write myself two very useful axioms (because I'm cool and write axioms like that...)

1. ...Just know that where you are is where you should be.
2. If it hasn't happened, get that silly crush out of your head already, you jackass...
(Yes, my axioms include calling myself a jackass.)

Geographically speaking, I am nowhere close to where I thought I'd be - like in the Philippines with my family, enjoying high-calorie, heart-clogging cuisine, sleeping outside on a hammock being feasted on by mosquitoes, and of course, drinking Ginebra San Miguel - but my life has never been more enwrought with golden and silver light (expression taken from W.B. Yeats).

So write an email to you. You can check yourself out in the future, send a little encouragement to follow your dreams, see if you're still with your current "love of your life", call yourself a jackass - whatever you want. Just do me a favor and lay it on thick - you can handle it, it's you.


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