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Excuse Mickey here, and the exquisite drawing by Daniel Anthony St. George 2ND (knockout artist, by the way, who ALSO has livejournal).

Are we really connected with I-phones, MYspace and YOUtube? I'm sure it seems as if it shrinks the distance between the billions of souls on earth, but does it really?

I'm guilty of contemplating that the oh-so-attractive hottie from across the continent JUST might be my soulmate... but you– anonymous in the plaid shirt, easy on the eyes, nose stuck in a great book and just 10 feet away from me as I sit at the cafe with a great view of the ocean - oh NO, Impossible...

Requirements to be a friend or dating interest for Ms. Fernandez:

  • wonderful wit on you profile
  • a list vast of interests that I can compare and contrast with mine
  • some decent pictures, the cuter, the better
  • trick out your layout just a bit, my darling
  • must be one of the following Zodiac signs: gemini, taurus, sagittarius, aquarius, leo, libra, aries, scorpio, gemini, pisces, virgo, capricorn, cancer, gemini
  • MUST log on to the site EVERYDAY!!!
  • MUST post a comment on my page, or is it "write on my wall"
  • extra points if I like your profile song and if you've posted a blog

World freakin' wide web, what a different world!
How "connected" are we, really? And what the hell are we connected to?

charlotte ;)

Please note, the image posted here is the work of Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd. He was way cool to let me post his piece here and if you're on the East Coast check out his show next week - his info's on his livejournal.

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