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So the Fernandez Notebooks have caught the eye of a few Creative profilers. They've sent me a few interview questions that they'd like me to post for readers. I love profiling other artists, but here's one that's closer to home...

Artist profile: Charlotte Z. Fernandez
When did you first know you were creative?
I'm not... I'm just picky and I like pretty things/people. I somehow manage to prettify things in various mediums.

How and when did you start out being an artist?
I was 20 - I lied (try not to do that anymore) and said I was an artist, then I just grew into my lie. I always hated art class since I was a kid, I was more of a jock.

Do you have formal college training?
Please refer to my previous post - "Why I won't go to school?"
I feel that formal training would strip away the perspective that I need (and have) to be good at what I do. I might be wrong, but I'm sticking to my guns.

What inspired you to become what you have become?
I follow my gut, even if i'm wrong.. it's me. (Please refer to Frank Sinatra's ballad - My Way)

How would you explain your work, both to the readers and then to your oldest relatives at a Sunday brunch?
I sit in front of computer all day at an office, then all night at home. The results of this insanity usually come out in ads, booklets, websites, logos & brand work, and other communicative mediums. The short version - Design is just lining things up... I like to tell people exactly HOW to line things up.

The ultimate piece of work you have yet to do.
Direct the entire creative of ONE brand - I've currently have my eye on something... an overseas trip may be in order.

As an artist, is any of your work autobiographical?
Other than my blogging and my pro-bono work, no. Bethlehem Creative is a project that's close to my heart. I started it over 3 years ago (imagine how ready it is for a redesign), put it on hold, was finally able to get the domain back, and now we're ready for fun...

What the heck is Bethlehem Creative?
Check out the site (very old):
Sometimes it's hard for me to find, I guess you can say, purpose in my craft. There's a big difference between my job and my work; my work lends to my purpose/calling/whatever you call it. Starting Bethlehem Creative was something I felt I needed to do. I don't know if it will serve any other purpose than me following a feeling (you can breeze through the mission statement on the site).

Do you believe that the work you do is a very personal process for you?
Considering that I lose vast amounts of sleep, consume ridiculous amounts of food and infuse my blood to 65% alcohol when I'm working... personal is an understatement.

So what's next for Charlotte Fernandez?
Some overseas travel to gather a few muses... The South Pacific is a possibility next month, and New Zealand may be some new territory for me... I'll cross my fingers for that one.

Now for the nitty gritty:
little known fact:
my middle name - what the hell the Z stands for

favorite bar
fully stocked & filled with pretty people

favorite shirt
my little league shirt - Phillies #8. I wore it in the 5th grade and it still fits! I told you I was a jock.

first alcoholic drink you sneaked
stole some of my brother's vodka and put it in a water bottle ;) I still continue to do the water bottle trick...

best method for staying awake all night
being me; living in my head

10 favourite albums of all time
Dave Matthews Band - Under the table and Dreaming
Sting - Ten Summoners Tales
Imogen Heap - Speak for yourself
Jamie Cullum - Catching tales
Buena Vista Social Club
UB40 - Best ofs
George Michael - Ladies & Gentlemen
The Cure - Galore
Weezer - The Blue Album
Mark Ronson - Version (that's a new fave)

10 favourite tracks of the moment
Death of Me - Tony Lucca
Lucky - Jason Mraz
Love on the Rocks - Sara Bareilles
Infatuation - Maroon 5
Breakfast after Ten - Blue October
Confidencias De Amor - Omara Portuondo
Pamanuli - ArtiSta.Rita
Bad Skin Day - Bell X1
O Mare E Tu - Dulce Pontes & Andrea Boccelli
Heart of the Matter - India Arie
Mississippi - Train
Let this be the last time - Sizzla
(yes, I know that's more than 10...)

Best sandwich known to man... Details please.
From the move Spanglish - The fried egg makes the sandwich. Lay down the bacon JUST like the video. Have a beer with it. No, really, have a beer. Great movie, better sandwich...

your heroes and why?
I won't dignify that cheesy question with a cheesy answer.

your villains and why?
Anyone who tells me the way I am and what's happened in my life isn't the way I should be. Why? Because who I am and where I'm going depends on where I've been.


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