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Julien Ribot has, by far, been one of the most entertaining artists and musicians I've come across. I was introduced to him some last year through an agnés b. showcase on her website. Before I introduce you to Julien Ribot, let me give you the scoop on agnés b.

You might ask, what does this chick know about French designers? I don't come off as a fashionista, especially being constantly garbed in jeans and vintage t-shirts (vintage, as in, stuff that I've had since 5th grade that still fit) - Go ahead try to kill polyester/cotton blends. It will never happen... Anyhow, I am a product of a 'Gucci mom' and living up the street from the big ass DFS Galleria filled with Cartier, Chanel and Hermés that will make your knees weak. Not to mention the "discount" giving friends that we had on the tiny island of Guam. Needless to say, I know my shit... If I had to wear one designer forever, it would be agnes b. Her T's are comfy and fit my frame well.

[Click below to donate to the "Charlotte wears nothing but agnes b." fund. That's a real link. What? Do you think I'm kidding?]

This is more a rundown of agnes b.'s Golden Eye than her fashion design. Aside from her bangin' atelier, she is a patron of art and artists - the artists with real talent who make blank canvases (in all mediums) shiver with fright. This woman has her gifted hands meddling in everything from music, graffiti, branded chocolates, to cinema and admirable collaborations like the Double Label project with DC shoes. Her championing of superb artists brings me to the talented Julien Ribot.

And now, on to the b. side...

Enjoy Julien Ribot's song and video - refreshing eye candy and ear candy - La Chambre Renversée.

See & hear more of Julien Ribot's awesomeness here:


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