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I've been getting more than a few "hints" that some recent posts have been long (a.k.a. boring). I appreciate the feedback since I don't want any overkill on my site. HOWEVER, it wouldn't be fitting for me to not have a post about one of my favorite things: alcohol & spirits. Those who are close to me, or related, know very well that I come from a long line of heavy drinkers. Call it what you want, but (with fingers crossed), I am very aware of my weaknesses, or shall I say, tolerance level.

To keep in line with the art/design theme I currently have going, I'd like to give you a little trivia into one of the "spirits" that brings me close to one of my homes - the Philippines (the other is, of course, Guam). I'm not a fan of gin most of the time, but my trip home last year opened up my palate to a solid spirit called Ginebra San Miguel. It's strong, smooth and dry; exactly how I like my liquor. You could pull a Bond move and martini it up, but I recommend it neat - drink it like a real Filipino would.

The label on Ginebra is a piece of work known as Marca Demonio - or Markang Demonyo. It is quite lovely how it depicts San Miguel (St. Michael) kicking the devil's ass! It was designed by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo. Please be advised (figuratively speaking), that the Spirit inside this bottle may not kick your demon's ass, but by all means, give it a try. We all need to find our Archangels somewhere...

Ginebra San Miguel -The world's largest selling gin; about 22 bottles of Ginebra are consumed every second. When I'm in the country, that number goes up just a bit. It absolutely breaks my heart that Ginebra is only available in the Philippines. I either have to visit my hometown, or someone has to bring a special "pasalubong" (translation: gift) for me if they come to the US.

Here's a little Filipino pride for you: (Just click to take a peek)
Best Filipino Boxer: Manny Pacqiuao (Pacqiauo vs. Diaz, 28 June - GO PACMAN!)
Best Hippie Filipino Artist: Alfonso Ossorio
Cutest Filipino Model: Bianca Araneta
Best Filipino Family: Fernandez :D
Best Filipino Cooks: from Pampanga (come on, everyone knows that)
Best Filipino Cuisine: Kapampangan
Best beer (when available): San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Please note, these ratings are completely unbiased.

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