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Because, when it comes to that .02 inch decrease in a round corner, it makes all the difference; only God knows why. Then there is that barely-there texture on pricey linen paper that, well, does things to a woman. Sometimes paper can be what dreams are made of... Oh, and the fantastic smell of a "fresh off the press" print run just moves you (and now you get why press-operators always seem so cracked out).

I’ve honestly become a jaded designer with the overkill of ugly typefaces, photos sopping with color and just plain shitty vector art. However, my next industry remains uncertain.

But as designers, we just have to understand that our jargon isolates people,
Printers hate us,
clients under-appreciate us,
lawyers know we’re random,
significant others never understand why we go mental,
banks think we’re counterfeiters,
artists think we’re sell-outs,
and everyone else thinks we’re fuckin’ crazy.

We’re all of the above.

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