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There are two things I have always wanted a bartender to say to me (none of which have happenned yet):

#1 - Pick your poison.
#2 - What's your secret?

When I hear the word "secret" I think: ohh, someone's drunk and is going to regret spilling the beans tomorrow... I don't have too many secrets of my own to spill, but I know when I hear someone's, it's as dangerous as a Filipina in a shoe store, or me at a steakhouse. I tend to just keep my mouth shut when little whispers make their way to my ears.

There is a little secret I have been keeping - a little Sunday afternoon delight... It seems that thousands of people slap their secrets onto postcards and send them to some guy in Maryland. He sifts through them all, and picks 20 to put on a blog every Sunday. I won't repeat posts so check them out here: PostSecret

The best way to handle a secret is to not tell anyone (noo, really??). But I guess if you have a deep, dark, foreboding, eating-at-your-soul in the middle-of-the-night secret that you feel you can absolutely tell no one, yet, you have to get it out... Do it anonymously - Slap it on a postcard to let the USPS handle your dirty work - and deliver it to the WORLD!

Just send it here:
13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, Maryland 20874

Click here to see instructions on how to send your secret in.

Yes, that's my "PostSecret" up there... I know, it's lame, but it's true.



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