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since i will not see the light of day until friday (due to being chained to a desk and/or the macbook shackled to my wrists 24/7), i'd like to share a bit of my textually active lifestyle while causing trouble as i savored my last 2 days of sane freedom...

i just like those surveys that ask about your last text message or whatever... but dude, the randomness in my inbox/outbox is just... random. here's a bit of my history...

**actual names and dates have been omitted to protect my correspondents (but really to protect myself, so i don't get an ass beating)

my inbox:
2:16 am: nipples
8:52 pm: oy vey. still trying to find a screwdriver...
1:05 pm: lol! you grocery style whore
11:55 am: Bring some booze...
10:55 am: Bring some sun tan lotion...
12:30 am: what's the website for the sticker bra?... please don't forget the sticker for me tomorrow
9:10 pm: dood i think they might be homo friends
7: 03 pm: you wanna father my child?
1:18 pm: how's that wine? does it taste like sweet sweet freedom?
9:55 pm: but but but its mortons
9:49 pm: mortons mini burgers?
4:30 pm: just to show u that i'm not an asshole, i'll buy a bottle of wine everytime i get a fee :P

my outbox:
11:51pm: i just realized... u didn't balutan me any kalbi... lov u fukr
11:50 pm: i sooo miss guam... thanks for the island style food-all day long...
1:02 pm: i lov how tesco, bevmo and phuket thai r my neighbors... let's just say i've been around the block...
1:14 pm: Tesco is also called fresh n easy. so in the right order its.. liquor. easy. phuk. food...
10:27 am: y u calling me so early?
11:29 am: uyyy... can u just ignore that last text.... sorry, wrong person...
11:48 am: fake sick and have wine with us. we'll wait for you..
9:56 pm: burger vs. steak... big difference
7:14 pm: bring da pillow :)
7:05 pm: mama just got a fresh bottle of scotch
7:03 pm: u know... ____ said we don't have to drink when we hang out... that would be weird huh?
8:02 pm: just woke up. wer we goin?

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