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Raw talent and real people is a hard combination to come by these days. I've had the fortunate experience of hanging out, driving around, sharing stories, laughing at jokes, drinking coronas, and of course EATING with these stars on their US tour. I'm truly blessed to have three cousins that are members of this troupe (2 singers, 1 coordinator), but really, all of Arti felt like a big family. And now I'm a victim of "Ansang Fever!!"

The diversity in age, character, and talent makes this troupe one of a kind. And yes, we all hear the phrase "one-of-a-kind" for all kinds of the same thing... but really, this group has been singing/performing together for seven years. In this day and age, how many relationships even last seven years??? There are many facets that contribute to the growth of ArtiSta.Rita, but it really all stems from love; love for music and love for our culture. 7 years + Labor of Love = Beautiful

For Arti Sta.Rita, I will throw my snooty/artist/always unimpressed jackass/calm collected composure to the wind and say that ANY one of their performances will AMAZE you - from their stage productions to an impromptu rendition of "Bulan" while we sit and drink coronas :)...

I'm not only impressed and moved, I am inspired (and of course, proud)– not because they're my cousins, or because they're from my loving Father's hometown Santa Rita, Pampanga (my Mother is from Pangasinan), but because, with all sentiments aside, ArtiSta.Rita is an astounding talent powerhouse.

Bravo, ArtiSta.Rita, Bravo!

I'll be building their website @ www.ArtiStaRita.com
If you have any pictures/videos/media, please send them over and we'll put them online.

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