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That little beauty is my new guitar. There was a point in my life where I could hear a song and ear-play it on my guitar, saxophone, piano or the other instruments my wonderful parents showered me with. Those musically inclined, ear-playing days are long gone and I can barely keep rhythm in my strum. Nonetheless, when I walked into the guitar shop, this pretty thing called my name.

What prompted me to pick up some six-stringed fun was a sweet ballad entitled Love in LA by Ernie Halter. Get your youtube dose of the day and watch Ernie perform the song - (click here - no, really, watch it NOW and come back to read the rest of my blog).

After you get goosebumps from that intimate performance, I'm sure you can agree that Love in LA is a fantastic "singles" anthem, and hence, my new anthem. Love is hard to come by. But being in LA - all I can say is - May the force be with you... LA is social yet isolating, blatant yet elusive, hopeful yet crushing, and just plain trouble. Um, can you say Gemini??

If you pour me a stiff drink, I might grab the guitar and bust the tune out for you. I won't give you goosebumps, but I may make your ears bleed - whatever, I just rock out for me... BUT I can only play this song because Ernie Halter is a diamond of a guy. I messaged him on Myspace (because he is my Myspace friend!) and asked if he would send me the chords to his song. Homeboy is currently on tour, but he managed to kindly send them to an eager fan. So Ernie, a thousand thanks!

love (in LA),

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