The Passing of Light

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You could say that photographers "paint" with light; they possess talent in capturing compositions of light and darkness. Although digital photography is taking the craft into a new realm, I just crave something more organic. Sometimes ditching the pixels & megabytes for some heart & soul is refreshing.

My fellow countryman Emmanuel Santos possesses quite a mastery in this field by flawlessly blending digital and analogue photography. In his recent exhibition, The Passing of Light, he set precedent for the highest-priced photography set to be sold in Southeast Asia. Although there really is no price for the beauty of his work, this is definitely a milestone in Filipino Contemporary Photography.

Here's a blurb I pulled somewhere online about Santos' work:
The work’s subject: angels common to the Torah, the Koran and the Bible. “There are 72 angels, both good and bad, and he has made photographs of 38 of them over the last 10 years,” says Isa Lorenzo, owner and curator of Silverlens Gallery.

My pilgrimage to Oz this weekend (along with my Filipino and Island pride) compelled me to leave you with relevant post. Emmanuel is currently based in Melbourne, and by some stroke of providence - or "angels", I hope I can run into him or his fine work when I visit.

<a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank" "="">The Passing of Light
Watch the slide show - it may be just a digital rendition of his work, but it's an experience. The series of his "angels" is breathtaking.

Homepage of Emmanuel Santos
Take a look at his "Observances" - you'll find an intimate look into the Jewish Diaspora and the devotion and fidelity of Orthodox Jews.

See you in a few weeks as I search for some clarity or, at least, a moment of it. And, because I'm Catholic, I would sincerely appreciate your prayers, thoughts, or however you do your thing while I'm away...


My favorite four images juxtaposed above are entitled (clockwise from top left): the first hour of Anael, Matariel and the desert rain, the dreaming of Cherubiel, and Chrysostom ascending.




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